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How do we evaluate our values or choices in a trendy culture?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

From head to toe on all aspects of our lives we constantly make decisions which are influenced either by knowledge we already know or gained.

When it comes to appearance which is vital to anyone's external reflection of self should be on point. With that being said never judge a book by its cover. So appearance definitely matters but internal reflection of self is more important. We want to be good on both ends as a good whole person.

As fashion and technology around us are changing rapidly we need to be well equipped to stay grounded and not lose focus of our vision or goals. Some key factors that play a huge role when it comes to making choices in a trendy culture.


#1 People around you: This probably plays a huge role on the way we behave. It will either be of benefit or against you or sometimes both. Choose the right crowd!

#2 Being Grateful: Also known as gratitude. As believers in Islam we for most have to be grateful to our Creator even though we may not see the full picture at times but have that level of faith where we are strong enough to pull through. Then be grateful to the people around us who are making effort to make this life a better place for everyone, regardless of their appearance, race, or religion.

#3 Sticking to the Core: Doesn't need to be complicated but every good person shares these similar good core qualities. Such as being empathetic, looking at the bigger picture, treating others as they would like to be treated*. Not an easy task at times but some good core qualities to live by and keep in heart and mind. Of course don't forget to remember our Creator from time to time :)

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